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Policy Entrepreneurship Activities

Overview of PEP’s efforts to foster policy entrepreneurship


PEP is a community that provides a platform for research, collaboration, partnerships, development, training, and recognition of policy entrepreneurs.
We aim to create an environment where policy entrepreneurs can take the lead in realizing impactful policies.

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Promoting the Concepts of Policy Entrepreneurship and Policy Entrepreneurs

To raise awareness about policy entrepreneurs, we disseminate information through various media channels.

In March 2019, we published "What is a Think Tank? - The Era of Policy Entrepreneurism”.
In this book, Yoichi Funabashi, the Founder of the Asia Pacific Initiative, defines and advocates the concept of "policy entrepreneurship" and highlights the activities of policy entrepreneurs who create innovative policies suited to the demands of a new era.

Since then, we have continued to give lectures and presentations on policy entrepreneurship and the work of policy entrepreneurs.


PEP Seminar

Since October 2020, core members have been conducting a study session called "PEP Seminar" to introduce cases of policy entrepreneurship. The content of past discussions is published as articles on the Japanese edition of The Huffington Post.

You can find the list of articles here.

PEP Talk

“PEP Talk” is a podcast series featuring interviews with authors who have written about social issues and policies.
We invite these authors to discuss the background of their writing and provide insights into the field of policy entrepreneurship. To deepen your understanding of policy entrepreneurship, please be sure to listen.


  • Individual Support

    We provide ongoing support for individual cases that contribute to the public good.

  • Research

    We conduct case studies and research activities on policy entrepreneurship.

  • Policy Recommendations

    We translate our research findings into policy recommendations through various activities.

  • Event Organization

    We organize various events by leveraging PEP's convening power

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