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PEP for Climate Tech

Overview of PEP’s activities on Climate Tech.

What is PEP for Climate Tech?

PEP for Climate Tech is a program that supports policy entrepreneurship in the Climate Tech sector.

As the world strives to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, expectations for Climate Tech startups are growing.  In addition to technological advancements, policy support is critical for the development of this field. Recent Climate Tech policies are increasingly encompassing multiple areas, including environmental, industrial, employment, security, and regional policies.

PEP for Climate Tech engages in proposing and implementing Climate Tech policies through seminars, study sessions, and roundtable discussions, while also aggregating and disseminating relevant information.


PEP Seminar for Climate Tech

We conduct study sessions on Climate Tech and environmental policies. 
In our first seminar, we invited Professor Hidefumi Yokoo from Hitotsubashi University. He provided an overview of environmental policies and shared examples of Climate Tech policies from various countries. We discussed the essential information and perspectives that startups and venture capitalists should consider when developing policies.
Please visit our event page for past sessions and the latest event information.

PEP Roundtable Discussions for Climate Tech

We host forums for candid exchanges of opinions and discussions on policy issues related to Climate Tech, involving policymakers, private sector actors, and other stakeholders. Sometimes, we invite dignitaries from abroad to share local insights before engaging in discussions. Past roundtable discussions have focused on themes such as government support measures for Climate Tech and green hydrogen.
Please visit our event page to access past editions and the latest information on upcoming events.

PEP Summit

 PEP holds an annual PEP Summit where policy entrepreneurs from various fields and those interested in policy entrepreneurship gather to discuss policies across different positions and domains.
We position the Climate Tech field as a key driver for future industrial policy and discuss it from various perspectives, including entrepreneurs, investors, and NPOs.


  • Delivering Presentations

    We deliver presentations on Climate Tech policies at various venues.

  • Interviews

    We are interviewed by various media outlets about the Climate Tech policy.

  • Participation in Committee Meetings

    We attend various committee meetings.

  • Surveys

    We gather opinions through surveys and aim to reflect them in policies.

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