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Empowering Each Individual to Shape Public Policy

Policy Entrepreneur’s Platform

PEP (Policy Entrepreneur's Platform) is a community of policy entrepreneurs dedicated to creating a better Japan.



We contribute to creating a free, open, and sustainable future by promoting policy entrepreneurship as a new method of political participation in democracy and supporting those who take on the role of policy entrepreneurs.


The book "What is a Think Tank? - The Era of Policy Entrepreneurism" *only available in Japanese, was published in March 2019, followed by the project launch in May of the same year. In September, the "Policy Entrepreneurism Symposium 2019" took place, culminating in the establishment of "PEP" in November.


The project is primarily managed by the secretariat of the Asia Pacific Initiative (API) at the International House of Japan, a public interest incorporated foundation.


PEP is a community that provides a platform for research, collaboration, partnerships, development, training, and recognition of policy entrepreneurs.
We aim to create an environment where policy entrepreneurs can take the lead in realizing impactful policies.


This section introduces the current programs and initiatives of PEP.

Promotion of Policy Entrepreneurship

We engage in activities that promote policy entrepreneurship, regardless of their themes.

Activities in Specific Areas

We carry out projects and activities aligned with specific themes.

Currently, there are ongoing projects focused on "Climate Tech," "Youth," and "Young Municipal Leaders."

Summit for Policy Entrepreneurs

We host the annual PEP Summit, which brings together policy entrepreneurs from various fields to foster exchange and interaction among them.



This is the opening video from the PEP Summit 2020.